Seeking refuge by submission

The rush to dodge the label of ‘Islamophobe’ takes a toll

– – Sunday, December 31, 2017


Dhimmi refers to the status of non-Muslims living in an Islamic state. The word literally means “protected person by submission.” But what are they protected from? The wrath of Islam! It can be likened to the mobsters who collect money from people for “protection.” Non-Muslims are allowed to live in Islamic states, but with many restrictions. If these non-Muslims behave themselves and practice their own religion under the guidelines of sharia, they will not be persecuted or killed. Otherwise, the local imams and the religious leaders incite Muslims to harm the dhimmis.

We have our own pro facto dhimmis in the United States. They are people who believe that if they support and promote everything Islamic, they will escape being labeled Islamophobes or attacked by Muslims. They are paying dearly for this benefit.

President Trump, by recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, told the world that he would not be a dhimmi. One would think when he decided to move the U.S. embassy that he had given the city to Israel, but Jerusalem has been Israeli land since the war of June 1967 and a decisive and miraculous victory. That victory led to the reunification of the Jewish people with their holy city after 2,000 years of exile. Read More →