This Ash Wednesday, stand up for Christians worldwide

John MoodyBy John Moody | Fox News


If you happen to go to church to mark this Ash Wednesday, look out for a sign or banner bearing an unfamiliar shape by the door. It’s a letter in the Arabic alphabet and it’s become the symbol of a campaign to stop the slaughter of Christians around the world.

Save the Persecuted Christians (STPC) is a bit of a mouthful. It’s also a straightforward explanation of the newly founded group’s mission – raising awareness about, and combating attacks against, Christians and their places of worship…

It’s a situation that Mark Christian, a doctor in Omaha, Nebraska, knows all too well. Originally named Muhammed Abdullah, he grew up a devout Muslim in Cairo, and ignored reports of anti-Christian activity in his country. “I viewed Christians’ claims of persecution with great skepticism,” he told me. “In my view at the time, they were whiny crybabies with an agenda.”

That changed when he began to look more closely at the faith he was born into, deciding that Islam did not allow him enough free thinking and self-realization.

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