What the great Islamic hijacking of Berlin reveals

– – Wednesday, December 21, 2016
Terrorizing Christmas

Photo by: Michael

Sohn Sorrow: Mourners held a vigil Wednesday, two days after a lone-wolf terrorist used a truck to carry out a massacre at a Christmas market in Berlin. (Associated Press)


“Ich bin ein Berliner” (I am a Berliner). Four simple words uttered by President John F. Kennedy on June 26, 1963 against the geopolitical backdrop of the Berlin Wall. Four words as appropriate today as they were 53 years ago.

Today in Berlin, Cairo and across the globe, Christians are crying out for us to stand against their oppressors with the same strength of character our late president showed the world.

But we live in an age of political correctness run amok, in which Christians are hesitant about showing their faith or wishing others a Merry Christmas. We are expert at ensuring we do not offend and we change our words to protect the sensitivities of others. We pluck the manger scenes out of our public squares, and even from our churches, as clergy want to avoid offending Muslims or any other non-Christian sect.

After the events of recent days, Americans have the opportunity to say that we will stand up to the assaults waged against our way of life by Islamists who seek our destruction. [] Read full article on The Washington Times