The Mission of Global Faith Institute ...

“To inspire the lost with the hope of Christ; to equip America with knowledge of the truth, greater than the evils of the age; to embrace the role of “Watchmen,” that we might sound an alarm for all who will listen.”

9-11-01 15th Anniversary

Remembrance & Military Tribute

Sumtur Amphitheater in Papillion
Rain or Shine

Join us for this memorable tribute - Wear your patriotic clothing, tell your friends and bring your American flags!

For festivity details:
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About Global Faith Institute

Our Vision is that others might embrace our passion, share the truths we espouse and join us to take action toward a brighter future for all Americans.

We’re a broad representation of American culture. We’re business leaders…we’re stay at home moms…we’re doctors and nurses…we’re parents and grandparents…we’re your neighbor and your friend…and all of us have a few things in common. | Read More |

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America is under siege

America is under siege, but not from an outside force like ISIS. Rather, this nation is under full frontal assault from none other than our political elites – a monarchy of kings and queens who are stripping the very soul from our great land, all while fortifying their own crooked kingdoms. Aiding them in their […]


Some of the most amazing and sobering words in the Bible are found in the minor Old Testament prophet Habakkuk 2:20, “But the LORD is in His Holy Temple; let all the earth keep silence before Him” (ESV). Context is king when it comes to studying the Bible and especially important when one grabs only […]


What is the proper way to live the Christian life in the Western world? Or maybe a better question is how am I, as a follower of Christ, to live out the Christ life today? Yes, I know, according to the Bible, but how does that look? The reality is that in the next 10 […]


There are rankings for everything it seems today.  Top ten movies, songs, teams, players and the list goes on and on. However, it is not only the best that are ranked but now there is the bottom ten or whatever number people want to work with. People in the church also do rankings and it […]