Government has ‘no idea’ how many more slipped through cracks


Customs and Border Patrol agents are busy at foreign as well as domestic airports

A newly released Government Accounting Office study reveals more than 22,000 U.S.-bound foreign travelers were banned from boarding their flights in fiscal 2015.

These “high risk” travelers were interdicted by U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agents before boarding planes bound for the U.S. Among that group, 10,648 were declared inadmissible while the remaining 11, 589 were told they could not board with the paperwork presented.

The GAO study goes on to lament that netting 22,000 suspect travelers reveals nothing about the pre-boarding program’s effectiveness. That’s because CPB has failed to develop a baseline system of assessing how many of the overall high-risk travelers are caught before boarding the planes and showing up at a U.S. airport, which is the last line of defense against potential terrorists.

The 46-page report is titled “CBP aims to prevent high-risk travelers from boarding U.S.-bound flights, but needs to evaluate program performance.”

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