The left’s plan to force Israel to her knees

By Joe Herring

In October of last year (2015) an article appeared in this space titled “The Arab Spring comes to Israel.”  In that piece, I posited that the savage knife attacks that had begun to rock the Jewish state were not, as the media was reporting, an “organic movement, born of frustration” or “an oppressed people lashing out in any way they can against their oppressors.”

These attacks had much more in common with the methodology of the Arab Spring movement – the heavy use of social media for incitement and planning, and the use of concerted targeting of propaganda to incite specific groups, even individuals to violence.

knife wounds - intifadaIt was the opinion of the Global Faith Institute, as expressed at the time in the above referenced article, that the motives of the “knife intifada” were suspect in the extreme.

Rather than being a response to perceived oppression, these attacks were timed, planned and executed to create the illusion that the security forces of Israel were losing control of first Jerusalem, then the rest of Israel.

The random nature of the attacks combined with the intimate gore and personal nature of vicious knife wounds to create a sense that no one, at any time, was safe, setting the stage for the endgame – convincing the Israeli people that their government could no longer protect them, but an independent third-party (read: United Nations) could.

For decades Palestinians, and their allies in the international Left, have sought to place Jerusalem under UN auspices, seeing in such an arrangement the ability to force the Jews from east Jerusalem at first, then all of Jerusalem later.

It is a classic “Alinsky” tactic; ruin a functioning system, declare it irretrievably broken, then demand a new system be stood up in its place.  For examples of this tactic in operation, look at the “reform” of health care and the death penalty.

The Global Faith Institute’s premise (as articulated in the October piece referenced above) was dismissed as fevered conspiracy theorism by many in the media and government.  Even staunch GFI allies in Israel thought it to be a “bridge to far.”

Now, nearly six months later, comes a piece in the Wall Street Journal describing a new initiative of the waning Obama Administration, to use a UN Security Council resolution to force Israel to accept an imposed two-state solution to be administered under the control and protection of the United Nations.

Precisely the scenario we foretold months ago.

From a report in the Israel National News:

According to the plan described by senior US officials, Obama is considering reviving the dormant Middle East Quartet, a diplomatic body including the US, UN, EU, and Russia, to apply pressure to Israel and the Palestinian Authority to resume active negotiations.

The President is also considering use of a United Nations Security Council resolution to forcibly extract concessions from Israel and the PA. The US has until now vetoed any such resolutions, though Mr. Obama has in the past threatened to allow them to pass.

A Security Council resolution would be binding upon all parties, unlike General Assembly measures which are non-obligatory recommendations. Such a resolution would remain in force even after the president leaves office next January, effectively shaping the future of American policy in the region for Mr. Obama’s successors.

The resolution would require Israel cease construction over the Green Line and would force Israel to recognize eastern Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine.

The resolution would permit the “international community,” to convene talks that neither the Palestinians nor the Israeli’s could abandon.  Of course, the Palestinian contingent would never wish to walk away, as the UN is dominated by a decidedly anti-Semitic mindset, providing a distinct advantage to the enemies of Israel in any negotiations.

Worse yet, because it is a Security Council resolution, the UN has the final say on the outcome, which is a foregone conclusion given that these “negotiations” will in truth be Palestinians and their UN sponsors ganging up on Israel as they re-draw the lines of sovereignty in the Palestinian’s favor.

A fair question to ask is why on earth would the Israeli government agree to such an obviously unfair arrangement?

The political dynamic in Israel is not entirely unlike that in the US.  They have a socialist left and a more conservative right, and both sides policy positions closely mirror the liberal and conservative positions that dominate here in America.  The right is far more oriented to national defense while the left is ever-eager to pursue the newest fad in search of a lasting peace.

The fad of recent hegemony among the left in Israel is the “land for peace,” movement, offering significant land concessions to the Palestinian Authority in return for a cessation of violence.

The right realized long ago that the source of Palestinian violence isn’t rooted in economics or physical ownership of this parcel, or that sector, but rather sprouts from deep roots of hatred for the Jew, inspired and fed by Islam.

Consequently, the citizens of Israel have fractured between these two camps.  The goal of the knife intifada is to discredit the right and empower the Left to demand the newest fad for peace, (a UN partition) be accepted by the Israeli government.

Israel cannot travel this path and remain a Jewish state.  Once the UN is in charge, the only means of resisting Palestinian overreach will be to fight both Palestinians and UN troops.  If Israel feels isolated now, they will be positively solitary once that shooting starts.

The Global Faith Institute has warned of this danger for quite some time, and will continue to do so whether our warnings are heeded or ignored.  It is important to anticipate your enemies next move and to prepare.

Call your Senator and make certain they understand that under no circumstances should the US be a part of this move.  Israel’s survival is at stake.